About Us

Welcome, We Are All Star Construction

Allstar Construction and Roofing was founded by Ricardo Castellanos, and is a professional company serving the El Paso area with 30 years combined experience. Allstar Construction and Roofing is an El Paso roofing company specializing in residential & commercial improvements. With over 35 years of experience in Texas, we are experts in delivering the highest quality roof replacement or roof repair service, from the initial estimate to final inspection.

Residential Roofs

If your roof has been damaged due to a storm related incident or you are just looking to freshen up the look of your home, let All Star Construction be your choice. Call us 915-503-5543 to schedule a assessment. One of our qualified field service agents will meet with you and listen to your needs. All Star Construction has been installing residential roofing in El Paso, TX for many years. We like believe we have developed a reputation for quality and the ability to deliver a first class experience.

Commercial Roofs

A roof that is close to flat or just slightly pitched for water channeling is called a low-slope roof. Most often low slope roofing is used in commercial buildings. Problems are common and difficult to diagnose with low slope roofing because the leak area is usually not directly over where the water is appearing inside the building.The roof should have NO areas of standing water. Sagging or rotted roof decking or improper drainage design can lead to standing water on a roof.

Storm Damage

Over the past several years our area has suffered through events like damaging tornados, hail, wind, ice and snow storms. Due to these storms, your home, like many others, may be damaged. Some of this damage can go unnoticed to the untrained eye, resulting in further damage over time to other vital parts of your home.We employ some of Texas’s leading storm damage and insurance claim specialists and have a division dedicated solely to the insurance restoration field.

All Star Construction has satisfied thousands of customers through our restoration services and our negotiations with insurance companies.

The process is simple…give us a call at All Star Construction at 915-503-5543  and schedule a free, no obligation damage assessment.